SwarfRat's Current Project Bike

1967 Yamaha YL1-E 100cc Twin Cylinder 2-stroke

Here's our current project - this little gem was produced by Yamaha during the mid-to-late Sixties, and was a fairly common sight; a lot of teenagers got their first taste of motorized transportation mounted on one of these scoots.

It was very technically advanced for its day; automatic oil injection for the 2-stroke engine meant you didn't have to carefully measure oil into the fuel; it was done automatically and metered depending on engine demand!  4-speed rotary-shift gearbox made in-town stopping-starting extremely easy, and by basically combining two 50cc engines, you ended up with a twin-carb, twin exhaust 100cc performer!  This model, designated with the 'E' at the end, even had electric start!   It was added by temporarily converting the generator into a starter motor, negating the need for a bendix drive and the weight of an extra motor.  An extremely nice bit of engineering.

Check out the restoration as it progresses, and watch for the release of the DVD presentation!

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Before Restoration
During Restoration
After Restoration

Mufflers are cut open, hammered into shape, baffles repaired, bodies


Wheels are dismantled, hubs polished, new spokes and rims are laced up and trued

Engine torn down and cases split.

Fixture made and cylinders re-bored on mini lathe

Tinware, frame, tank fenders, springs, forks are prepped, ground and polished prior to paint/re-chrome
    The parts are back from the powder coaters, and they're beautiful!